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Late start? No problem!

Here in Oklahoma planting starts on April 15th.  Normally, I like to try and squeeze it in before then and just pray for no freezes. However, this year I got busy with life and by the time I wanted to plant it was the end of April. Then day after day we had rain, like a LOT. My garden looked more like a pool than a a place to grow veggies. I didn’t want to lose time by waiting to plant so I decided to start a small indoor garden! It was super easy and worked great. If you find yourself in the same predicament I have an easy solution.

I didn’t have to go buy anything, for me that’s a win!

What I used:

Small left over birthday party cups (not plastic)

Bucket of dirt


Cookie sheet


Yep it’s that simple!


I did this while watching a movie with the hubby. Having a towel down made for easy clean up!


 I filled each cup about 1/2 to 3/4 full. Planted my seeds, labeled my cups and watered!


The storms continued for several weeks, but I’m thankful for the rain. We don’t ever complain about to much water!


It wasn’t dry enough to plant until the end of May. So me and the little’s got to work.



I dare say I have as much fun in the dirt as they do.


Planting day was super easy! I just split the cup down the side, put them in the ground and covered with fresh dirt.


I didn’t plant corn in my small cups, but planted them straight in the ground. I don’t know how they would handle being transplanted. We’ll just enjoy corn later in the season!

It’s always fun playing in the dirt, then the clean up. I think we could have planted a garden in the shower. Don’t you just love those little toes??

DSC_0209.JPG– The Clucky Hen