My name is Daniell, I’m a mother and wife, working and living as a stay at home mom on our farm and being as much of a homesteader as possible! My husband and I have 3 rambunctious kids that are definitely our greatest accomplishment. 

My goal is to spread the word about farming and how it is such a big part of our world, and quite honestly I don’t believe any American’s could live their normal daily life without the products and by-products we get from farmers. In so many eyes this way of life is harsh and cold, and I want to help change that outlook. Sometimes when we don’t understand something we immediately pass judgment over it negatively. I just want to help people understand the life of farming.

We currently raise cattle, show pigs and chickens (meat birds and laying hens). I also have a garden full of veggies and fruits during the summer. I love sharing meat and produce with those around us!

Here you’ll find some funny farm stories, recipes of my own and some handed down from many generations. There will also be a lot of great tutorials of how to live off the land, raising and butchering livestock, gardening, and much more! If you think this is something you’d like to be a part of follow my blog and you too can change your house around to eating fresh everyday! Or if your tired of buying sub-par food at the grocery store, and instead would like to pick your own or grab your own meat from the freezer look no further!

If you like what you see don’t hesitate to pin it, post it, share it, and tell your friends about us!

Below is a picture of me and my hunk! This was taken in the midst of getting ready for a wedding, and unless it’s freezing cold you’ll usually find me barefoot. Don’t worry my honey wasn’t dressed for the wedding!



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