Spring time in the country

Ahhhh It’s spring, my favorite time of the year. The weather is getting warmer, flowers are blooming, the smell of grass being mowed, new babies being born and time to work the garden! Tomorrow is the first day of Spring and it also happens to be my grandma’s birthday! It’s gotta be the best Monday ever!

Once summer gets here you’ll hear about how much I love summer and why, and again with Fall and Winter. So I guess what I’m saying is I love every season when it’s here, I just wish Spring lasted longer than all of the others.

Babies…I love new life popping up all over. I love looking out my back window and seeing a new baby calf trying to run behind momma. I love seeing new baby chicks cracking their shell or chirping under a wing of hen.



I love watching feverishly as the days pass and our sows start to get milk and we know farrowing time is coming soon. Baby pigs….Have you ever held one, squeezed or kissed one? I dare say they are cuter, cuddlier and smell better than any other baby animal, including kittens and puppies. There’s nothing like a new born baby pig, well except my 3 sweet children and I get to enjoy both at the same time. Ya, I’m a lucky gal!



Pigs have always had a special place in my heart ever since I got my first one when I was 9 years old. I was hooked from the start. Yes pigs are dirty and smelly. They also have loads of personality, love belly rubs, are very smart, and can love you (most of the time) as much as you love them. Besides, let’s be real for a minute, that’s where bacon comes from. Let that sink in for a minute and you can visualize yourself loving pigs too.


I could talk pigs all day but I’ll try and move on! Spring time for me is the start of a fun and maybe my most rewarding project I have every year. A garden! My toes in the soft dirt, watching everything sprout up and then of course harvest time! There’s a lot of work that goes into a garden before it can produce anything, but that’s what I enjoy. Sweat, a nice tan, and most of all the yummy fruits and veggies.

In a few weeks as my work ensues you can follow along with me if you’d like, as I take to my garden step by step. Anyone can have a garden, big or small! If you live in town and don’t have anything but a window with sunlight, you can still reap the rewards of fresh produce. I much rather pick my produce than buy it from a store. I know what’s been put into it and I know what I’m feeding my family! Its also a great time for memories. The kids love playing in the dirt as much as I do, who knew!



Freshly mowed grass….One of my favorite smells. I love walking outside to a newly mowed lawn and feeling the cold grass on my feet. YES.. I am barefoot a lot, shoes are way over rated! I’m also a weirdo and love to mow. I’ve always loved mowing, even when I was young and I mowed everything with a push mower. I’m not talking about a self-propelled push mower, but an actual PUSH mower. I made a game of how quickly I could get the grass cut. Now that I’m older I love mowing just as much, it’s just a lot easier now that I’m riding instead of pushing. No pictures of me mowing, but here is my hunk of a husband taking a kiddo for a ride. They love to mow too, I guess it’s in the genes!


I’ve shared a few of my favorite things about spring, what’s yours? Maybe I can find something else to love!

– The Clucky Hen

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