Up-Cycled Feed Sacks

I haven’t written in a while, but I have a good excuse! I found a great way to reuse all of our feed sacks and it’s turned into something way bigger than I could have ever imagined!

My sister brought home a little apron from Ohio made out of a chicken feed sack. It was so cute and my kids loved it! They wanted to wear it everywhere, and it got me thinking of all the uses these sacks could have. I did a little research on Pinterest and found some great ideas to use feed sacks. I also started brainstorming on my own of what I could turn the sacks into. Wow…all I can say is I’m a busy little bee!

Here is the little Apron that started it all!

I don’t know if I was quite prepared for what that would unravel in my home. I now have feed sacks coming out of my ears and orders that still need to be filled. Isn’t it amazing how God can take a little thing and turn it into something unimaginable?

Up-Cycled Feed Sacks, who would have thought?! I now make all sorts of things using feed sacks. Around here all of my friends and family have animals, with that comes lots of feed. Most of the time (or all of the time) these sacks go to the trash or are burned. So this was a great opportunity for me to snatch up extra sacks with lots of color and fun designs. I’m still collecting sacks and I’m overwhelmed by the eagerness of people to save them for me!

This is just a small selection, with more coming weekly!

I now have the ability to make all kinds of fun things with such a great variety to offer people. I have aprons for kids and adults, totes, bags, purses, shower curtains, table clothes, bibs, and really the list may never end! I also have a great selection of models.

It’s amazing what can be accomplished during nap time and bed time. Now, my lights are burning late into the night and the sewing machine is humming away. I have found so much joy in doing this as well as bringing in some extra cash. Making extra money as a stay at home mom can be hard to do and I’m so thankful for my family that has helped make this possible. I mean it takes a tribe to hold everything together right?

If you have some old feed sacks laying around try your hand at making something!

Or…you can shop through some of mine!

Shop the Clucky Hen Up-Cycled Feed Sacks here!!


-The Clucky Hen

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