A rooster named Fried Chicken

If you’ve ever been around chickens you may have noticed one that’s a little bigger, has a big bright red comb on his head and is louder and maybe more obnoxious. I’m not saying all roosters are this way but some are.We have had the delight (insert sarcasm) of having several obnoxious roosters over the last few years.

At our farm, if there is an animal that isn’t serving a purpose or isn’t behaving like they should after a few attempts of making said animal better they usually don’t have the privileged of staying around any more. Now I know that sounds harsh, and I can promise you that doesn’t happen often, but let me explain.

This is a farm, everyone here including our children have a job. Everyone “works” to earn their keep, otherwise we are spending money to feed a mouth that isn’t giving anything back. (No I would never get rid of my children because they weren’t doing their share.)   We take good care of our animals and they take good care of us.

This past Spring we acquired a beautiful Cinnamon Queen rooster, I was trying to find a pretty rooster to go with my hens. I usually hatch out chicks once or twice a year and the more colorful they are the better I like it.

Learning Tip:

You do NOT have to have a rooster to get eggs from your hens. Hens, like women, have a set number of “eggs” in their body, they produce eggs with or without a rooster. However, if you want to hatch out chicks you of course need a rooster to fertilize the eggs. Well and actually then you still don’t have completely “fertilized” eggs until the eggs have been at a certain temperature for a time period, but we’ll save that for another post.

Hatching out chicks is fun for the kids and I enjoy adding to the flock and ensuring eggs for the future. Below you can see the obnoxious, pesty rooster AKA Fried Chicken.


How did he get the name Fried Chicken you ask? Well my oldest son, who is five gave him this name. He has been the meanest, most vindictive and cruel chicken we have owned, and we’ve had some ornery ones! Every time you walk in the barn or are around the barn he chases you, and he doesn’t stop there. Once he gets you stopped, or cornered, or where he wants you that’s when the flogging begins.

Now I know what your thinking, why not flog him back right? Well, thank you very much I have given him a swift kick before and he no longer chases The Clucky Hen, but my 3 little chicks he chases every chance he gets. Not only that, he scratches, pecks and beats them up! I don’t tolerate such behavior from ANYONE or ANYTHING! The bullying usually ends with me out of breath chasing him off and a few tears from my little’s.

I also might add that not only is he mean to my little chicks, he’s also rough on my hens. Many times roosters will do a little dance and “court” them before jumping on their back and taking care of business, but it’s usually in the most gentle way. Not with Fried Chicken. He pecks the back of their necks, and basically forces them to the ground while having his way with them. This is not something I enjoy watching while doing chores. My girls deserve way better in a man, and I am on a mission to get rid of this low life scum and find their prince charming. It’s what every girl wants right?



Some day ole Fried Chicken will meet his end, and what a glorious day that will be!


-The Clucky Hen

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